About Us

The Meaning Of The Brand

Cou-Badja Collection is a company that is passionate about beauty and making women feel beautiful, wether it is adding volume to their hair , extending their lashes with our mink lashes , or enhancing their beauty with our cosmectics. The CEO of this company is a beautiful young lady name Saidat Coubadja. At the age of 10 she was diagnosed with Alopecia universalis. After years of suffering she coped with it by learning how to apply makeup and making her very own custom wigs . Whenever she was asked who did her hair she would reply by saying "I did" . Many women would ask if she can make them their very own custom wig but  due to her lack of confidence she would turn them down. One day she decided it was time to turn her pain into success. Cou-Badja Collection will have every women feeling beautiful! that is our motto ! .